Now that it’s summer time, we’re all hitting the beaches and the swimming pools in an attempt to cool off. But, not only is water cooling and refreshing, it can also be a great tool in helping with stiffness and pain!

Swimming or pool therapy is low-impact, which means there is not much stress going through your joints! When you are standing in waist height water, you are only taking 50% of your body weight through your legs because the buoyancy of the water supports your body’s weight instead. It is a very safe and gentle form of exercise and can work from the neck, all the way down to your feet. It has been proven to maintain flexibility and mobility in your joints and because the water is a little bit harder to move through, can also be used to strengthen up muscles.

Exercise in the water is particularly good for things like:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle strains/tears
  • Rehabilitation after joint surgeries
  • Lower back pain
  • Pregnancy

……or if exercising on land is just a bit too painful.

Starting your swimming/pool therapy journey is something that you can discuss with your friendly physio. They can help you to work out which exercises are appropriate for you, the intensity of exercise and any other questions you may have to get you on your way.

By Rhiannon Barnard