Do you get tight in your legs or back?

Have you been told to use the foam roller but not sure HOW or WHAT to do?

Foam rolling before or after a workout can be a great way to reduce muscle soreness, help prevent injury and increase mobility.

Here are 8 of our BEST foam rolling exercises.

For best results, try for 30seconds to 1minute of each these after your workout.

Foam Rolling For Tight Calves

Foam Rolling For Glutes

Foam Rolling For Quadriceps

Foam Rolling For Lumbar Spine (Lower Back)

Foam Rolling For Shins

Foam Rolling For ITB/TFL

Foam Rolling For Hamstrings

Foam Rolling For Thoracic Spine (Upper Back)

Most gyms will have a few foam rollers lying around that you can use after your workout.

It’s also a handy thing to have at home. You can usually pick one up from your local physio or sporting store.