Going on a long flight?


We all know that feeling of peeling yourself from your plane seat after a 14hour flight with ankles the size of an elephant’s, wondering if your legs still work and a back that is possibly stiffer than a metal rod. You know that it’s important to get up regularly and have great intentions at the beginning of the trip, but… “just one more movie and then I’ll get up”… famous last words.

A little trick is to make sure you drink plenty of water not only to stay hydrated but more importantly because it will force you to get out of your seat and walk to the lavatory. Often you’ll find a group of people at the back of the plane near the toilet on longer flights doing a few stretches in an attempt to keep limber (I am one of those people). While you’re up and about, you may as well join them 🙂

This is my little routine that I do in the back of the plane with my new found buddies :
1. March on the spot x20 each side
2. Bend forward to touch your toes x10
3. Bend backwards x10
4. Bend to each side x10 each side
5. Backward shoulder rolls x10

(I do this twice before walking back to my seat to sit down).