Mums & Bubs Classes

Post Natal Classes – Get your pre-baby body back

Before you get started book in a 30minute 1:1 Introduction Appointment

This appointment is with a physio. It is a chance for you to chat to her about your situation and learn more about Mums & Bubs Classes how can help you.

1.    Learn about your pelvic floor and what you can do get it stronger again

2.    Have your abdominal separation assessed and how you can reduce yours

3.    Have the chance to ask your physio about any pain, injuries, or niggles that are bothering you and if there is anything you can do to help

It is ok if you’re new to exercise and feel unfit, or if you have had an active pregnancy and just want some guidance. We have helped many mums return to fitness, and taught them some tricks and exercises to help with all things from feeding posture, pram height and caring for their new baby.

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Why Mums and Bubs Classes

Great for:

  • Core
  • Abdominal separation
  • Pelvic floor
  • Rehab post c-section
  • Tummy and butt toning
  • Great stepping stone to get back in to exercising
  • Learn from physios who are trained in post natal Pilates.

Post Natal Class Details

  • Suitable for all mums 6weeks post-partum (cleared by their Dr) and before bubs in on the move (generally 9 or 10months)
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Max 4 mummas (and their bubs) in a class
  • Classes are taught by a physio who will provide a safe environment for your return to exercise
  • Bring along anything that might help your little angel keep calm and happy in a new environment (eg. favorite toys).
  • We have a spare room if you would like to feed your baby.



Intro to Pilates 30minute Appointment $94


Purchase 6 classes for $198


 Mums & Bubs Pilates Class Timetable

  • Tuesday :  12:30pm (Mums & Bubs)


I have urinary incontinance. Is it ok to start Mum & Bubs Classes? It’s very common to experience urinary incontinence after giving birth and with the right exercises, this can be significantly reduced. During our post natal classes, you will learn the correct technique and exercises to strengthen your pevlic floor (the muscle invovled in urinary incontinence) and be given some exercises to do at home to speed up your recovery.

Do I have to bring my baby? No, you do not have ot bring your baby if you would prefer not to.

Will I use my baby for the exercises? Some exercises, we may ask you hold your baby. This allows the physio to teach you correct technique when holding your baby which you can then use at home. However, not all exercises will involve holding your baby.

What happens if my baby cries? If your baby is unsettled, we encourage you to stop and give them a cuddle to settle them. You can then resume exercising when able. Sometimes your baby may not want to be put down. That is ok, we will give you gentle exercises you can do while holding him/her.

What if my baby usually sleeps during this time? For some babies, class time may coincide with their usual sleep time, and that’s okay. Bring along your pram for baby to sleep beside you.