Mummies of Adelaide

Join Us!

Information session held at our place 🙂

Attention! Mummies of Adelaide!

Welcome to motherhood!

We know being a mum is the best. But it can take it’s toll on the ol’ body.

Join us for a shindig (we thought information session sounded dry, so shindig it is 🙂 ) and discover everything you need to know about recovering after pregnancy and birth.

During this shindig, you’ll find out about:

  • When you can get back to gym/running/*insert your fav exercise here
  • Discover if you have abdominal separation (and what to do about it)
  • Your pelvic floor and it’s impact on returning to fitness
  • Have a chance to ask whatever physio-related questions you have or whatever’s keeping you up at night.

Plus, it’s always nice to meet other mums for moral support over the feeding, teething and sleeping issues (technically not our area of expertise but hang around for a chit chat with the other mums. It is a shindig after all).

Up-Coming SHINDIG – February 5th 2019, 1115am – 1215pm




This (don’t say it…)  shindig, is a free event. Secure your place clicking here. It’s super quick and easy.

Quick, only 8 spots left (updated 11 January 2019)

Extra Stuff


Who is this event for?

This event is suitable for all mums whether it’s your first baby or not. We suspect most mummies interested in this event will be within 1 year from having their bundle of joy, but even if it’s been a little while and you’re interested, come along!


Your baby –

We have room for you to feed or change your baby if required. If you would rather solo it, that’s fine too.

Reserve your place today

Being a young mum myself, and having had the pleasure of working with many other mums, I think we can all agree on the old saying “it takes a villiage to raise a child”. Let us help you, so you can have the energy to put in to your growing family.