Anti-Pronation Tape (Rigid Tape)

This taping technique supports the arch and helps to prevent the ankle from rolling in (pronating).

K-Tape for Posture and Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Try this K-Taping technique to help relieve your upper back pain during pregnancy. Also great for feeding mums who get tight acorss their shoulders.

Neck Stretches You Can Do While Breastfeeding
Try this simple variation to the “normal” neck stretches you have surely seen before. The best part – you can do this while you’re still feeding your LO.

K-Tape for Pregnancy

Do you get a sore back, pelvic pain or hip pain from your growing belly?

Here is a video (with instructions!) of a way you can use K-Tape to help relieve your pain!

Exercises for Back Pain in Pregnancy

Are you suffering with lower or upper back pain during your pregnancy?
Have you replaced that feeling of fitness with aches and pains all over?
Grab a therapy ball, and here are 3 exercises you can do daily to help keep your spine loose and limber.

Strengthening Exercises For Low Back Pain In Pregnancy

Ankle Taping – Lateral Ankle Sprain

There is more than 1 way to tape an ankle. Steph and Bec have slightly different technique so if your physio taped your ankle during treatment for lateral support, here is her technique that you can follow along to court-side.

Lateral Ankle Taping – Rebecca Vial

Lateral Ankle Taping – Stephanie Bolzon

Follow along at home to this 5 minute video for stretches to improve your posture.

This video focuses on loosening your neck and upper back so you have the movement required for standing and sitting up straight. If you do not have a theraband at home, you can do this holding a broomstick across your shoulders.

Follow along at home to this 12 minute video for an easy whole body stretch.

Remember to take it slow, not to push through pain and to breathe!